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Hello, My name is Bobbi French and I have worked in the jewelry industry for nearly 20 year. I run my brick and mortor store G Thomas Jewelers full time and have NOW added Paige 2 as my passion project! Paige 2 is an online jewelry store specializing in unique, one of a kind iteams. 

I have developed a love for custom jewelry designs but, my greatest passion is "Up-Cycled" pieces. Up-cycled can be almost anything but usually involves the creation of a new piece from an older item that holds sentimental value. Often the conversation (the story itself) begins with someone who wants to sell a piece that may have become a painful reminder of a previous life, or they have lost a loved one, or don't particularly have the same taste they did but would like to honor that person by wearing a piece (or part) of them. The rebirth and up-cycling gives new meaning to the wearer and enables to carry a story with them at all times. I've always loved the "stories" of the pieces people wear and I take special pride in knowing that those stories so often involve the people in my store. It's definitely one of the things that gets me moving each day as an entrepreneur!!
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Why Paige 2? 

On this site I will share the stories behind the creations and provide the fairest pricing I can. I look forward to sharing my story with you sometimes being able to eliminate all of the "political correctness" and speak directly from the heart. I am well aware of my faults at being human, and am enjoying this journey of self healing and awareness of all kinds. 

I employ several talented jewelers and I have been dabbling in the actual construction a bit myself. Like any great skill, I look forward to mastering the design process to be able to create a following of people who appreciate what we produce.

I am always available to help produce something custom for you if you have something you would like Up-Cycle (or sell outright) & it would be an honor to get to share your story as well. Reach out to me through Facebook Messanger or give us a call at  (785) 776-7600.

About Me
About Me