(The Birthday) Present Acceptance

(The Birthday Present) Acceptance

This year for my daughter’s 23rd birthday, we had to get creative. By “we” I mean her boyfriend made an appointment to get her a birthday present made. This would be the first time I’ve designed something for her, that didn’t come from me. And quite honestly I wish there was a term for a significant other for the time in between boyfriend and fiancé, because I know we’re headed there, on their own timeline💕 Anyway, the real story behind this piece has nothing to do with boyfriends, fiancés, or anything in between. It has to do with Acceptance. You see this piece exists because two women fell in love. Stay with me here as I take you back a few years, when I received a message from a customer, that asked if I’d be willing to meet with a same sex couple for their wedding rings. This message has bothered me deeply to this day. Not because of the reason you may think, but for the exact opposite. I was completely oblivious to the fact that anyone in this day and age would have to feel ANY shame for who they love. And more so, to know that we are living in a world where some acts of love are shamed. I am a romantic at heart, and I love acts of kindness and love in any capacity. Because I genuinely believe the greatest thing we can possibly learn is to love, and to be loved in return. I get asked often my stand on same sex marriage, and my stand is simply this, I ask myself, if one of my daughters came to me and said she were gay..... would I love her anyway? And that answer is yes. So here it is friends... attack away, that’s what this page is for, the non PC, the place where I get to be unapologetically me, the place for Acceptance. This piece was given to my daughter on her birthday from her boyfriend, and the fact that I know my daughter knows the story behind it, and she still wanted a piece just like it, makes me proud, because that means I have taught her Acceptance. The sad part of this story, is that beautiful couple that we made the original piece for, from her grandmother’s pearls..... half of that couple, her parents refuse to accept her now. They did not attend her wedding, and they do not support her choices. Ladies, I keep your photo posted by my desk at work, because I’m proud to know you both, and wish you nothing but happiness, grace, and acceptance in your lives💕



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