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(The Birthday Present) Acceptance This year for my daughter’s 23rd birthday, we had to get creative. By “we” I mean her boyfriend made an appointment to get her a birthday present made. This would be the first time I’ve designed something for her, that didn’t come from me. And quite honestly I wish there was a term for a significant other for the time in between boyfriend and fiancé, because I know we’re headed there, on their own timeline💕 Anyway, the real story behind this piece has nothing to do with boyfriends, fiancés, or anything in between. It has to do with...

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Introducing Will's First Custom Piece for Paige 2~! This beautiful ring, has been in the works since August of 2019, and this is the part where I divulge one of my greatest weaknesses, Leadership Skills. We are definitely an eclectic bunch of personalities at work, and I'm still working on learning just how everyone ticks there, or explodes, whichever happens first. Enter Will and his first assignment from me. I pick a design for him to tackle, and send him on his way. Months go by, (literally) and it's because this kid is either just too polite to tell me what...

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These hand made custom pearl ear rings are the direct result of COVID-19. All week we have been trouble shooting daily about how to stay in business. By Wednesday every supplier we have had stopped shipping and we knew we'd have to get creative. The first photo is a strand of beautiful pearls circa 2000. To me these were "fancy pearls" I paid $575.00 for that strand. (I think I wore them 3 times) when I first saw them I thought, "these will make me look important" so I paid on them for well over 8 paychecks (Rent-A-Center style all...

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