"Social Distancing"

Introducing Will's First Custom Piece for Paige 2~!

This beautiful ring, has been in the works since August of 2019, and this is the part where I divulge one of my greatest weaknesses, Leadership Skills. We are definitely an eclectic bunch of personalities at work, and I'm still working on learning just how everyone ticks there, or explodes, whichever happens first. Enter Will and his first assignment from me. I pick a design for him to tackle, and send him on his way. Months go by, (literally) and it's because this kid is either just too polite to tell me what I've asked for just isn't going to work, or, he doesn't have to proper tools to do the job, or the lead bench jeweler isn't playing fair, or all of the above. Long story short, this ring looks absolutely nothing like what I originally asked for, it looks better. And Will Henry and I are slowly learning how to communicate with each other to get what's in my brain out into his hands... we have a long road to get to that point, but I'm so grateful to have him on board and very much look forward to that journey. When this piece was finished, we were just being presented with the fact that we would have to close our doors indefinitely to the public. Will and I agree the best name for this ring is "Social Distancing" as it is an open concept ring with space between the bezel set diamond and the diamond bar on the other side. This ring will be featured on www.paige-2.com coming very soon. In the mean time, stay home, stay healthy, stay 6' away and wash your hands.

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