"Perspective" Earrings

These hand made custom pearl ear rings are the direct result of COVID-19. All week we have been trouble shooting daily about how to stay in business. By Wednesday every supplier we have had stopped shipping and we knew we'd have to get creative. The first photo is a strand of beautiful pearls circa 2000. To me these were "fancy pearls" I paid $575.00 for that strand. (I think I wore them 3 times) when I first saw them I thought, "these will make me look important" so I paid on them for well over 8 paychecks (Rent-A-Center style all the way) Looking back, I feel a little sad that I really thought I wasn't important. 20 years later, they still don't make me feel important, but having the vision to pull this strand apart, and sit and create with the best bench jeweler on the planet( Glen Somsen) and to be able to design a simple, yet intriguing new line called Perspective, that are limited editions.... (and to be able to cut him a paycheck for his talent) well... then maybe those pearls just did finally end up making me feel a little bit important. I decided to call them Perspective, because when I designed them, I intended them to be worn with the pearls in the back (kind of like the starfish that whisper positive words in your ears in the movie Aquamarine) but every time I've had a customer try them on, they put them on the "wrong" way. When really there is no wrong way it's just a matter of perspective. We have these for sale in store G. Thomas Jewelers (if we ever get to open to the public again) In store they will be $199.00 online (when we can get up and running our Shopify store in a few days) they will be $139.00 Because I'd love to build up a following on that page:) Paige 2
In the mean time stay well everyone, and Stay Home.


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