Hello and Welcome to Paige-2!

First post~! So much pressure.... but here goes: Currently spending all of my time trying not to cry, drink myself into a stupor, or step into oncoming traffic. Again, this page is 100% me, and if you don't know who I am well brace yourself. I am Bobbi French, and I am at best mediocre at just about everything I do, but that doesn't stop me from trying. I've lived an interesting life to some people, (but not many) and I've made tons of cliche mistakes in my 40+ years. But today I really just wanted to focus on this new page, and why I felt the need to launch it before it's ready~! I've always wanted to venture into an online store that was solely custom creations, limited editions, and not mass produced.Pieces with meaning, and stories only a true empath could appreciate. Enter COVID-19 (asshole, jerk head virus that might literally be the end of my existence, as both a small business owner, and a dreamer) but anyway today is not about me~! It's about my beautiful 23 year old baby girl. Who came into this world to a broke, uninsured, unemployed single mom who suffered with abandonment and low self esteem issues... (how the hell did I never receive Mom of the Year~!) Anyway this beautiful young woman changed my entire world~! I could go on and on about how well rounded, smart, beautiful, funny, and brave she is, but I legit need to get to the point of this page and it's first post~! Welcome to my new page "Paige 2" A page with meaning, a page with amazing stories, and heart. All inspired by my beautiful baby girl Alexis Paige McCormick (see what I did there?) Ya'll just thought I couldn't spell. First Custom Piece coming at ya in just a few minutes.

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